Nutrition, wellbeing & activities in our care homes

Just like any family our residents enjoy the social aspect of mealtimes. We make our dining experience a positive and social time where residents can come together as a community, chat, laugh or just absorb the atmosphere. If residents prefer they can dine in a quieter area or the tranquillity of their own room.

A resident’s diet is so important to their wellbeing and our chefs take a real pride in caring for our residents by providing delicious home cooked food using fresh produce from local suppliers. Each resident’s individual preference and dietary requirements are taken into account when planning menus and resident involvement is always encouraged.

We provide a daily choice of two menus with a selection of other food available to those residents who may prefer something different. We often have taster sessions and residents are involved in choosing themed evenings where the dining room is dressed to create an ambiance where residents enjoy food from around the world. Our residents’ birthdays are always celebrated with their favourite cake as well as other special occasions and/or celebratory events.

Care home activities – enhancing everyday life