CEO Jenny racks up 30 years at Eothen!

Our CEO Jenny Hearl is celebrating 30 wonderful years with Eothen Care Homes.
Jenny joined Eothen in 1993, becoming the Deputy Matron of our Sutton home in Surrey. She was due to start her new job just after returning from honeymoon, but had contracted tonsillitis and was off sick on her first day! She’s not had a day off ill since.
During her time in Sutton she revitalised the home, and even met Eothen founder Audrey Miller (see pics).
In 1997 Jenny, from North Shields, returned to the North East to oversee all of the Eothen homes in her new role as CEO, a position she has held until this day. She has been pivotal in turning Eothen into what it is today: one big family with the same aim – to provide the very best care that it can for its residents.
Jenny said: “Eothen has been like my family since I joined. From the second I arrived, I felt like this was the place I was meant to be. It was like the stars had aligned. Did I find Eothen, or did Eothen find me?
“I wouldn’t be the person I am today without all of the amazing staff in this organisation. It is a very special place to work and I still feel blessed to be here.”
Jenny was presented with a beautiful bunch of flowers by our chair of trustees Ian Thomson, who also said some wonderful words about the impact Jenny has had at Eothen.
He said: “Jenny has been integral to everything Eothen has achieved over the past three decades. It has been a pleasure to work beside her – she is a very special person and we are lucky to have her.”