Dignity Action Day


At Eothen we recognise that caring for older people is about developing a family community where our residents feel safe and secure but also where they have a sense of belonging within the home and within the wider community. It is important that they feel they matter and are recognised for the individuals they are.

Our staff are skilled at listening to residents’ needs, wants and fears and always aim to provide dignified care to ensure every resident’s feeling of self worth.

Every year we celebrate this by promoting Dignity Action Day which took place on Sunday, 1st February, where residents, relatives and staff all joined in to raise awareness and share good practice.

At our Whitley Bay home residents have written this poem describing what dignity means to them.

It Matters

Dignity, it’s what matters to me, The question is – what is it? Can we see?

It’s the choice, the freedom, The voice, the believing,

It’s the smile, the compassion, The hug, it’s the fashion.

By the way we listen, to what you like, the little touches in life.

With the flavour of jam, type of egg, the strength of tea, it matters to me!

The choice of clothing and the way you put it on, the style of your hair that gives you the flair.

The art in the shaving, with the brush and the foam, the knot in the tie, it’s so well known.

The trousers, the braces that keep them up high, the parting in the hair, such a keen eye.

The touches, the traditions, it’s the way that you like,

We hear them; we see them, and so do we try!

So please have the patience, together we will get there, because it matters, we’re listening and we really do care.

Poetry was one of the themes of the day with everyone getting involved either writing a poem or finding a poem that describes how they feel about dignity.

Poetry corner WBay

A Digni-tea was also held which was enjoyed by all and included a beautiful cake made by one of our chefs, Shirley Kennedy.

Dignity Cake WB

Dignity Action Day is a good opportunity for staff and residents to focus and discuss what dignity means to them and this board of words represents those discussions.

Board of Dignity words WB

At our home in Sutton, the day was based on the them, ‘Centre of Our Universe,’ Dignity Day photo (8)

Our residents, families, visitors and staff gave their views on dignity in the home, what they liked and what they didn’t like. These views will instigate action wherever needed.

Of course the day was topped off with afternoon tea which was enjoyed by all.Dignity photo (4)Dignity Day 1Dignity Day photo (5)